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ReadyCARD Balance Check & Online Access

ReadyCARD Prepaid Card users are provided with a safe and secure web portal to check the card balance as well as manage all aspects of their ReadyCARD Mastercard or Visa Card Account online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere through the internet. ReadyCARD works similar to a prepaid debit card. There is no credit line, no overspending to better control over your finance as you will pre-pay the amount you wish to spend.

How to Check ReadyCARD Balance Online

ReadyCARD Card users can very easily and conveniently check how much balance left in their card account over the web even without creating or logging into any online account. It is simple, fast and hassle-free. To do that, you just need to

  • Visit www.myreadycard.com
  • Click on the “BALANCE CHECK” link from the upper right-hand side

ReadyCARD Check Balance

  • Enter the Card Number found on the front of your ReadyCARD card in its field.
  • Enter the code shown on the image provided below the page for security purpose.
  • Click on the “CHECK BALANCE” button to see the available balance on your ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Account.

ReadyCARD Online Account Access Features & Benefits

Apart from online balance check ReadyCARD Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Cardmembers can do a lot of card account activities with their ReadyCARD Online Account like

  • View the transaction history and spending summary
  • Download the current and past transaction details
  • Sign up to receive email alerts about the card
  • Access Online Bill Pay to set up billers, send and track payments
  • Change Card PIN Number
  • Contact Online Customer Service and more

How to Register for ReadyCARD Online Account Access

If you would like to do more with your ReadyCARD and access more information about it, you must have registered for ReadyCARD Cardholder Online Account. For that, you may take the following steps to initiate the procedure.

  • Keep the card handy and open a web browser and
  • Visit ReadyCARD official website, www.myreadycard.com
  • Click on the “MY CARD ACCOUNT” link from the top middle or “LOGIN” button at the top right corner of the homepage.

ReadyCARD Account

  • Click on the “REGISTER NOW” button below ‘First Time User?’ at the right-hand side.
  • Enter the 16-digit Card Number from your ReadyCARD in its specific field.
  • In the next field input the Card Verification Value or CVV. The last 3 digits number on the signature panel on the back of your ReadyCARD.
  • Enter the Card Expiration Date.
  • Create a User ID that must be at least 4 characters in length and contain both numbers and letters excluding spaces, dashes, punctuation, or special characters. It also should not be an email address.
  • Create an at least 8 characters long Password containing minimum one numeric character, one lower case, and one upper case letter without any spaces, dashes, punctuation, or special characters.
  • Re-enter the same Online Password you have just created to confirm
  • Provide the E-Mail address that must have on your file to allow you to recover your ReadyCARD Online Account Access if you forget the login info in future.
  • Type the characters from the verification image provided below the page
  • Click on the “SUBMIT” button.

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How to Log In ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Account Online

After you complete all the process to set up your ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Online Account successfully, you can log in to manage your card account and information online and access all the features and benefits of the service at any time. To sign in,

  • Go to ReadyCARD website, www.myreadycard.com
  • Click on the “MY CARD ACCOUNT” link from the top middle or “LOGIN” button at the top right corner of the page.

ReadyCARD Login

  • Enter the User ID and Password registered with your ReadyCARD Online Account in their respective fields under the ‘Cardholder Online Account’ section.
  • Click on the “LOGIN” button.

How to recover ReadyCARD Online Login Password

For having trouble with ReadyCARD Online Account Access password, first, ensure you have entered exactly how you have created it as the password field is case sensitive. If it still is not working, you can reset your ReadyCARD Online Password by clicking the “Forgot your Password?” link below the login area and submit the following information.

  • ReadyCARD Card Number
  • 3-Digit Card Verification Value or CVV at the end on the signature panel on the back of your card
  • Card Expiration Date (Month and Year)
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

Then, enter the characters from the verification image provided on the page and follow the instruction you will be provided to create a new password for your ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Online Account

ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Features & Benefits

ReadyCARD Prepaid Card comes with the following features and benefits that enable the users in control of their spending or make purchase conveniently.

  • Use the card and access to the money anywhere Mastercard or Visa Card Debit Card is accepted worldwide.
  • Shop online from thousands of e-commerce merchants without any limitation
  • Make purchases in-store, online or over the phone and use almost anywhere you normally would pay with cash, money order or check.
  • Pay bills each month conveniently online or by phone for the utility bills, internet service, gas station, residential and wireless phone bills, cable bills, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, etc.
  • Sign Up free Direct Deposit for your paycheck, dividends, disability and government check to add the money straight into your card account at the same time each month or whenever you get paid and eliminate the risk of lost or stolen checks and forgeries.
  • Direct Deposit is automatic but if you want you can select to have text messages or email alerts to know when and how much money deposited to your ReadyCARD account.
  • Get ATM privilege to access cash over 900,000 ATM’s Worldwide
  • Easy and inexpensive reload at thousands of locations including participating ReadySTATION locations as well as MoneyGram, Western Union, and Visa ReadyLINK.
  • No payments to make, no late fees, no interest charges; the amount you spend is deducted from the money you loaded so that you can be out of debt and manage your finance easily.
  • The funds on your ReadyCARD are FDIC insured to keep your money safe and secure.
  • 4 Free Live Agent Customer Service Calls and 4 Automated Phone Service Calls per month, After that additional charge will be applied.

Rates & Fees

Fees associated with a ReadyCARD Prepaid Visa Card that will be applied after the first time use of the card.

  • Monthly Account Service Fee: $4.95
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee US: $1.95
  • Over-the-counter Withdrawal Fee US: $5.95
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: $0.25 + 1.5% of the transaction amount
  • Electronic Online Bill Pay Fee: $0.25
  • Paper Check Online Bill Pay Fee: $2.50
  • Paper Statement Fee: $3.00/each
  • Direct Deposit: None
  • Card to card transfer Fee: $1.00
  • Bank ACH transfer Fee: $1.00
  • ReadySTATION Reload Fee: $1.00
  • Card Replacement Fee: $4.95

To review the full fee chart of ReadyCARD, visit www.myreadycard.com and click on the “Cardholder Fees” link from the bottom.

Important Information about ReadyCARD

There are two types of ReadyCARD Prepaid Card: Instant and Reloadable. Instant ReadyCARD cannot be reloaded and may not be used for cash access through an ATM, bank or merchant.

Whereas the Reloadable ReadyCARD can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or banks with any of the brand-marks your card holds. It also can be used to receive cash back at a retail establishment that offers the service and to transfer money from the card account to the bank account at a financial institution in the United States.

A ReadyCARD can be used till the expiration date printed on the front of the card. At the time of expiration, if the card has a balance, the Reloadable ReadyCARD members will be issued a new Reloadable ReadyCARD and sent in the mail to the card account address.

Keep in mind, maintenance the security of your ReadyCARD is your responsibility. No customer service representative knows or retrieves the password of your ReadyCARD Online Account or never they ask for it. If your card is lost or stolen or if you believe that someone has accessed or may access your money from your ReadyCARD, call the customer service as soon as possible to limit your possible losses.

Contact Information

ReadyCARD Prepaid Card Customer Service Number: 1-800-506-0630

Fax: 1-888-305-3836

Mailing Address:

ReadyCARD Customer Service
Attention: Cardholder Services
PO Box 46730
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

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