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Merchandise Return Cards Target

Utilizing target Merchandise Return Card

Buying a product may not end up as perfect as expected. In case of any dissatisfaction, products are exchanged, returned and refunded. Various merchants and retailers adopt variable return and refund policy. Such policies depend upon the product you have purchased as well as the payment method while purchasing the product. While many would tend to refund the amount, certain measures are adopted to retain the sale and integrity of the merchant establishment.

What is Merchandise Card

In case of a refund, customers may take the amount and purchase the desired goods from some other merchant. Moreover, such refunds require the customer to produce the purchase receipt. For non-receipted purchase, the process becomes quite of a loss as well as unproven. To prevent such deflection, Merchandise Card Return programs are introduced.

A word about Target Corporation

Target Corporation, a major giant of retail and merchant store issues Target Merchandise Return Card. target Corporation is ranked as the eighth largest retail chain in the United States o America. As per the latest report in 2019, Target has 1,844 retail stores operating throughout the country. It is ranked in the position of 38 in Fortune 500 magazine among the largest corporation in terms of revenue. Target mainly targets the shoppers of a young age group with quality and image-conscious range of exclusive collections.

To get Target Merchandise Card

Target Merchandise Card is issued in case customers exchange non-receipted products. The non-receipt return must be approved and the card will be issued from the cash counter of Target retails the products have been purchased. In case, your returned item too was purchased using Merchandise return card, then you will receive that particular portion of the refund with another Merchandise Card.

Clearing myth about balance checking

Now there may be some misinformation that you can check the balance on the merchandise Card online or by calling the customer care help desk. Do not pay heed to such information. The balance of the card can only be checked from the store itself. There is no other provision to check balance. You can check the balance from any Target Store. Walk into the cash counter and ask the cashier for the balance. You will be handed a receipt where you can view your balance.

Counter redemption- why it’s necessary

Another point that must be kept in mind is that the amount of the card can only be redeemed from the store itself. You need to obtain the card from the store where you have purchased the returned product. However, you can redeem the card and shop from any Target center. You cannot make the card purchase online. This measure has been taken to protect the fraudulent activities and the unauthorized transfer or selling the card to a third party.

ID proof and list

For non-receipt returns, you need to show your government ID to receive the card. Also during the card redemption or if you wish to purchase with the card, you need to show your Government ID. The lists of Government ID approved are:

  • Social Security card.
  • Birth certificate.
  • REAL ID Act.
  • State-issued driver’s license/ID card.
  • Department of Defense Identification Card.
  • Passport and passport card.

Merchandise Return Cards Target

The same Government ID which was shown while issuing Card must be presented during redemption.

For fresh return

In case you wish to make a new return, a separate Merchandise Card will be provided to you against that return. On no condition, you can enter an additional amount to the already issue Card. Once the card is used, the amount gets exhausted and the card becomes void. The Card is issued only in case of non-receipt return. When a new merchandise card is issued, a receipt is provided against that. Keep this original receipt very carefully. Why?

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For cards that are stolen, lost, damaged or abused

That is because this same receipt will come in handy in case, your card gets, lost, stolen or faces any unauthorized transaction. In case, you lose your card or suspect any unauthorized transaction, you need to bring the original receipt of the card along with the Government ID proof to initiate a fresh request. The same goes if your card gets damaged. Alternatively, you can also call up the toll-free number 1-800-544-2943 in case any of the above scenarios happen and you want to transfer the remaining balance by requesting a new card. Remember, this toll-free number is not for balance check.

Rules for redemption

You can redeem the Merchandise card in exchange for goods, merchandise, and services only. You cannot exchange it for any other gift cards or prepaid cards (Disney Gift Card, Visa Gift Card, etc.) Also, you cannot transfer the amount present in your Merchandise Card to any other gift cards, prepaid cards or third party retail card (Wal-Mart, etc.). The only way of using this Card is by purchasing goods from the Target store itself.

Last words

Last but not the least; the card is certainly not transferrable. On reporting, lost, abuse or stolen, it will be immediately deactivated and the remaining balance will be initiated freshly. In no way, the Card can be redeemed in the form of credit or cash unless mandated by decree of law.

Customer Care Helpline:

As mentioned earlier, in case of damage, lost, stolen or abused, you can call up 1-800-544-2943. You can also call up this number in case you have any queries regarding card usage. Else, you can locate the nearest store via Target app or www.target.com and have a word at the counter.

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