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by admin March 11, 2022
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Probable causes and solutions for fixing the Paramount Plus:

Paramount Plus is a subscription video on demand over the top service that gives you all the amazing movies and the other TV shows, the correct thing to say is that it will keep you hooked to your TV. But sometimes, when you watch your favorites, it is very common to face some problems due to the technical error or the other factors. This article is all about the discussion of the problems that can arise and the solutions to those problems. So, let us not waste time and see the ways of fixing the causes for the problems seen in the Paramount Plus.

There are many reasons why the Paramount Plus app is not working. Below are given some probable causes and with that the solution for fixing the problem –

What to do if the Paramount Plus is not allowing for login:

There can be sign-in issues that you may face while you want to log in, well this is a very common problem caused due to an invalid username or password. There can even be a subscription issue you might face after you have already been a member. Below are the probable solutions for the problem –

  • You can try resetting your password by tapping on the Forgot Password.
  • You need to clear the cache and data from the device.
  • You need to ensure that the app is updated.
  • You can try rebooting your device.
  • Check the internet connection once.

There might even be a technical issue from the Paramount Plus side, and for that, you have to wait as you don’t have any other choice. You can check their updates on the Twitter account.

What can you do if the Paramount Plus app keeps crashing:

Well, you can face such problems because of low memory, streaming issues, or poor internet connection. You can try following the steps to see if the problem gets solved –

  • You can try force closing the app and try again starting it.
  • You can try restarting your device and then you can open the app again.
  • Clean all the cache and data from the device settings.

The internet connection that you are using should be of high speed when you are streaming the Paramount Plus. If required switch off the internet connection and then switch it on to refresh.

What if you are unable to stream Paramount Plus:

When there is a streaming issue you might see a black screen or the app might not display the shows or you may encounter the error, where it is said that the video is not available. You can try following these steps –

  • Restart your streaming device.
  • You can force stop the app by going to the settings of your device.
  • You need to choose to Wi-Fi connection over the mobile data.
  • Try disabling the VPN or proxy server and then try again.

What needs to be done if the Paramount Plus app is not producing any sound:

According to the Paramount users who have faced the issue, there can be three reasons for it –

  • The picture is coming clear, but no sound can be heard.
  • The audio is not matching the video.
  • The sound is so choppy that it is not allowing the dialogues to be clear enough.

There are certain solutions given for the problem –

  • Keep in mind that you are using the latest version of the app and if not then update it.
  • You can force close the app to stop it from running from the background and then again refresh it.
  • You can try restarting your streaming device and try again.

If you are watching on the mobile, then you can clear the data from the history and then again try starting the app, same can be done for your streaming device.

What if you are having issues while installing the app:

You can try following the steps if you are having an issue installing the app.

  • First, you have to make sure that the device you are using is compatible.
  • Make sure the version of the app is the latest.
  • If you have downloaded the Android app, then you can force stop the Google Play Store app and then try again.
  • Check the storage space of your device.
  • Try clearing the cache and data from the Google Play Store.
  • Check the internet connection once and make sure the speed is good.
  • The app should be downloaded from a trusted source.

The issue can persist if you have not given the app the required permission like the location, storage, and network connection permissions while the installation of the app.

What if you can’t cast the Paramount Plus app on the TV:

The Paramount Plus app can be cast on using the Chromecast device. fi somehow you face the problem where you cannot cast the show, then try the following steps –

  • Make sure that the Chromecast device you are using is supported.
  • Try installing the latest version of Android or iOS.
  • You have to make sure that the Chromecast and the streaming device are on the same network.
  • Try disconnecting the device you are casting and the Chromecast from the Wi-Fi and then again connect them and try again.

When you are working on the casting, make sure that the internet connection is strong enough.

What if the Paramount Plus app is freezing:

The reason behind the freezing of the Paramount Plus app is when the cellular data or the Wi-Fi network is not working. Even if there is low device memory or if the storage space is low, then the app may freeze. Below given are some of the suggestions –

  • You can force stop the app and then again open it.
  • You can clear the app data and cache.
  • You can switch off the mobile data or the Wi-Fi for a few minutes and then again switch it on and see if the problem is gone.
  • You can try turning off the streaming device and again try it.
  • Try uninstalling the app and then again install it.

The last thing that you can try is updating the system software to avoid app freezing.

What s to be done if the Paramount Plus is not working on the Samsung TV?

You can try the given troubleshooting methods –

  • Turn off the Samsung TV and then again start it.
  • You can try updating the Samsung TV operating System.
  • Delete the Paramount Plus app and after some time again download and install it.
  • You can try to reset the Samsung TV Smart Hub and try again.

You have to take a good look to understand why the app is not working so that you can try fixing the issue. It might be even due to the poor internet connection, and for that you have to switch off the net, then switch on and try opening the app.

Once you are done resetting your Smart Hub, you have to use the same credentials for managing the apps.


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What if the Paramount Plus live TV is not working?

With Paramount Plus, you will be able to stream live TV with a subscription. If you face any trouble with it, then you can provide your IP Address or device ID so that the problem can be fixed quickly.

You can even try going through the following steps for the fix –

  • You can try disabling your VPN or proxy server.
  • Check the internet connection and try fixing it.

What if the Paramount Plus is not working on Fire Stick?

There can be several reasons behind this where the app is not updated or the files installed are corrupted and many more. There are some troubleshooting methods –

  • The requirements of the Fire Stick are essential for the app to run, so make sure of that.
  • The speed of the internet connection must be to the least of 4 Mbps.
  • You can try restarting your router or modem for refreshing the network.
  • Restart the Fire Stick.
  • Fire Stick OS should be of the latest version.
  • The last thing that you can do is clear the data and cache.

After you have tried the above steps, the Paramount Plus should run on your Fire Stick.

What to do if the Paramount Plus is not working on the Roku?

There are many factors as to why the Paramount Plus is not working on your Roku. If the problem is there, then you can try following some of the tricks –

  • Switch off the router and modem and restart it again.
  • You can try deleting the Paramount Plus and again install it which is a very obvious step to follow.
  • You can try resetting the Roku remote.
  • You can try resetting the Roku device i.e. factory reset your Roku device.

These are the steps that can be followed for the smooth running of the Paramount Plus app.


This article gives you all the probable causes and the solution to the causes. But after trying so hard if you cannot get through the problem, then the last thing left to try is contacting the Paramount Plus and see the FAQs in their support system and see if there is any problem with the subscription or if you are having trouble with the particular devices, then it is better to make a contact with the particular expert for the device and they can find the solutions of the problem.


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